Opening Pool with ECOsmarte (Non-Chemical)


Every spring, clean the electrode chamber and open your sand filter. Drain the water in the filter down to the top of the media, pull off the debris, run your hands or something in the media to make sure it has no clumps.

  1. Test the pH level. If it is above of the 7.2, lower the pH level until it is 6.8 – 7.2 (aim for 6.8). Retest the pH and adjust further if needed until it is within 6.8 – 7.2.
  2. Test the copper level. If the copper is below the .3ppm range, ionize until it is .4 – .7ppm.
  3. Test the calcium level. If it is below 400ppm, adjust calcium up to above 400ppm.
  4. Test the phosphate level. If the result is between 1-1000ppb use one of these phosphate removal products to remove them: Sea Klear Phosphate Remover, Phos-Free, Zero-Phos, or Phos-X. If the phosphates are above 1000ppb, use Sea Klear Phosphate Remover or ECOsmarte Zero Backwash remover.
  5. If the pool has leaves and debris, hand vacuum to waste. Do not vacuum through the filter.
  6. Brush down the sides of the pool to clean off any algae or other contaminants.
  7. Inspect the filter and thoroughly clean the filter system.
  8. Turn on the filtration system.
  9. Test the pH level again and adjust if needed.
  10. Cloudiness should be expected 24 to 48 hours after vacuuming.


Closing Pool


  1. Test the pH level. Lower the pH level to 6.8 or below.
  2. Two days prior to closing, test copper levels and raise to .7ppm or even slightly higher.
  3. Make sure all leaves are removed, and winterize WITHOUT winter algaecide or chlorine.
  4. For best results, use a solid cover.


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